Parish Life and Events

The parish of St Mary’s, known throughout the community as friendly and welcoming, has recently looked back on its 130-year history as we began to look forward to new leadership. We recognize that a lay-led parish has been part of our history for the last 130 years. And our reflection highlighted the many vibrant programs and organizations woven into the fabric of St Mary’s parish life. Although we face social and political changes unequaled in the previous 100 years, our community looks forward to what we have the potential to be. We welcome you to join us!

Community Christmas Tree Sales

For the last five years, St Mary’s has provided freshly cut Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands procured from vendors in Oregon at competitive prices to the Lompoc community.

Any unsold items are donated to deserving military families at Vandenberg Space Force Base or other non-profits.

First Responders Luncheon

Begun as a personal ministry by one of our parishioners, this annual event each September is now embraced by the entire congregation to thank all First Responders in our area.

Maintaining our Campus and Grounds

During the transition, we are experiencing fellowship in many unremarkable ways as people go about the work of the parish. Whether taking care of buildings, maintaining grounds, or showing up for cleanup work parties, our volunteers continue to pull together to “do the work God has given us to do.”

Celebrating Our Mighty 90’s

We value our elders who have been a part of St Mary’s history and parish life for decades, and we take time to celebrate their presence and milestones.